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Dijital Karma is a digital marketing agency that focuses on the needs of its customers and offers unique, solution-oriented, efficient and impactful 360-degree digital marketing services.

We base our strategies and campaigns on concrete, accurate and actionable data instead of speculations. We carefully analyse the target audience and create tailor-made solutions that will raise brand awareness and swiftly bring more customers to your business -and the best part is, we do all these without going over budget! 

Having international customers operating in various different fields, we offer the most efficient marketing solutions in Turkey and the United States. Since our motto is “Grow bigger, go faster,” we have an experienced, productive and passionate team in both of our branches.

Our expertise in Dijital Karma covers web site design, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, professional photography and production. We decide on our business model together with our customers and come up with unique strategies that are aligned with their goals and ambitions. As we are adamant about providing our customers with tailor-made solutions, we offer an extraordinary perspective and custom services. From day one, we treat our brands like family; that is why we work very hard and meticulously. 

Due to being an international agency, Dijital Karma keeps up with trends from all around the world. Combined with the expertise and experience of our team, this allows us to help our brands from very different fields of business: We know whom to target and which channels to use. As a result, we offer impactful campaigns that successfully reach your future customers. Our dynamic team keeps improving. That is why we are technology-fluent and always one step ahead of the competition.

Our main goal is to offer transparent communications and perfect solutions to our customers. Hence, we report everything we do for your brand every month and make sure that you can reach us 24/7 and receive support.

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