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Bergen Marble & Granite offers B2B and B2C kitchen and bathroom design, cabinets and countertops applications to the entire Tri-State Metropolitan Area (the area that covers NY, NJ and CT cities). Based in Ridgefield, New Jersey, Bergen Marble & Granite is equipped to accommodate the kitchen and bathroom needs of both small apartments and entire buildings. A well-equipped factory, an elegant showroom and a functional warehouse is located at the Ridgefield headquarters.



Bergen Marble & Granite had two websites ( and that were built using drag and drop website builders. Such website builders are easy-to-use tools to make a web site but fail to answer the SEO requirements. Our goals were:

Gathering these two webpages under a single php website that is SEO and user friendly,

Taking over the Google Ads management from the brand and making a more efficient use of the budget,

Raising the traffic and retention by carrying out monthly SEO operations,

Increasing the conversion rate for “Free Kitchen Remodel” keyword. For this purpose, Facebook MyBusiness platform and Facebook ads were used since Facebook is still a popular and prevalent social media platform in the United States.



175% growth in Google sourced sessions and 120% growth in retention rates.

250% growth in form conversion rates of “Free Kitchen Remodel” through Facebook traffic ads.

45% decline in acquisition rates of Google Ads.

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