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Google is the home page of the internet. We can find almost everything we need in just milliseconds by doing a quick search on Google: Information, product, service, entertainment... If you want to make your business’s web page appear at top of the search results page and grow your audience, you need to adjust search engine visibility of your website.

Serving billions of internet users every day and providing access to billions of internet pages, Google is one of the biggest platforms on the internet. That is why you should follow the processes known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to make your website appear at higher ranks on Google.

If you want to get information about SEO processes or make sure that your webpage follows SEO standards, get in touch with us now!

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating high-quality content for a website so that has higher visibility to search engines. One of the purposes of SEO processes is to increase the organic traffic of a website.

If you want to ensure that your website has a high rank on search engine results page, you must use SEO methods such as keyword use, original content production, ensuring better user experience and having a responsive design. SEO methods and solutions are dictated by the behaviour of internet users and the algorithms of search engines. For this reason, SEO processes require high expertise and a certain level of know-how.

If you need SEO support to ensure that your website reaches your target audience, contact us! We offer unique solutions and professional SEO support for businesses.

SEO in 7 Steps

SEO in 7 Steps

  1.     Accessibility: You have to make sure that your website is listed by Google. If your site is not listed on Google’s list, it will not appear before your target audience -no matter how well organized it is, no matter how many keywords it contains.

  2.     Original and remarkable content: If you want your website to rank high in search results, you should publish content parallel to your target audience’s searches. You can get ahead in organic rankings with descriptive and / or informative pages, answers to possible questions of users, and easy-to-follow, captivating content.

  3.     Keyword optimization: In order to find your webpage a higher rank on search engines, you should use keywords related to your work, products and services on your website.

  4.     User experience: You can improve the user experience with a clear and simple design, seamless mobile interface and fast loading pages so that visitors can find what they are looking for on your site.

  5.     Content worth sharing: When your website is shared by users on different platforms and your website is mentioned on other sites, you can ensure top ranks in search engines. 

  6.     Proper title, link and description: The title, link, and description of each page must match the content.

  7.     To stand out on the search engine result page (SERP): To rank high on the page where search engine results are displayed, you must format your website content in accordance with SEO dynamics.
The Prominent Points in the SEO Process

The Prominent Points in the SEO Process

 On-Page SEO:  This method aims to optimize each page on your website one by one. Both the HTML code and content of the pages should be edited.

 Off-page SEO:  Off-page links, one of the factors that affect the ranking of your website in search engines, are links from other websites directed to your website. The optimization process of these links is known as off-page SEO.

 Technical Optimization:  It includes technical details such as the management of your website, ensuring that your HTML code runs smoothly and your website loads fast.

 Content Optimization:  It aims to produce content worth sharing. Moreover, this process also includes incorporating frequently searched keywords and answers to frequently asked questions in the website content.

Why Businesses Should Get SEO Services?

Why Businesses Should Get SEO Services?

No matter how professionally built your website is, it cannot contribute to your brand image, recognition and sales when it is not visited by your target audience. For this reason, you should increase the traffic and attract your target audience to your website.

You should entrust your SEO processes to an expert in order to ensure that your potential customers visit your website. When managed by professionals, SEO processes significantly increase the traffic of your website and as a result, your brand’s reach and sales grow.

What is SEO Service and SEO Consulting?

What is SEO Service and SEO Consulting?

SEO services and SEO consultancy aim to make your website stand out in search engines like Google and Yandex.

SEO processes are shaped by the size of your organization, products and services you offer, your marketing goals and algorithms of search engines. The main goal of the SEO processes is to make sure that your website reaches your target audience. In accordance with your business processes and marketing goals, you can opt for different SEO services like local SEO, eCommerce SEO or corporate SEO consultancy. 

Local SEO is especially important for businesses that provide regional services. The order of Google search results varies according to the location of user. 

With using many variables such as IP address and location settings in the browser, search engines aim to respond to the needs of the user in the best way by offering different results and rankings, optimized in accordance with the location of the user. If you want to rank high in the searches of your potential customers in the region where your business operates, you can use the local SEO services.

The product sales and success of e-commerce businesses are directly linked to the traffic of their websites. For this reason, eCommerce SEO service is essential for your business to stand out among your competitors. eCommerce SEO includes the creation of keyword-compatible blog posts, product descriptions, competitor analysis and keyword analysis reports.

You can purchase a corporate SEO consultancy service to ensure that your business can reach your potential customers. 

How Can Digital Karma Help Your Business in SEO?

How Can Digital Karma Help Your Business in SEO?

Digital Karma carries out many different processes such as market research, competitor analysis, keyword analysis and building an SEO strategy to maximize your business’s search engine performance. 

We first get to know your business: We learn about you and your competitors in order to see the position of your competitors in the market. We identify and highlight the strengths of your business in comparison to its competitors. We detect the most accurate keywords for the products and services you offer. Then we prepare a comprehensive strategy that will allow you to reach your target audience in the fastest way possible. We produce unique strategies and solutions specific to your business, taking into account what you want to achieve. At this stage, we do SEO audit, keyword research and backlink audit.

After we develop a specific SEO strategy for your business, we begin the transformation. Transformation process includes technical optimization of your website. We organize and optimize your content to match the search engine’s criteria. We use related keywords and ensure that high-value content is created for your webpage. 

We do regular checks to maintain your site’s high rank and support it with off-site SEO processes. 

Why Choose Dijital Karma?

Why Choose Dijital Karma?

With our expert, experienced teammates and our always young and energetic spirit, we offer unique SEO solutions specific to your needs and goals. If you are looking for a teammate who will share your dreams and guide and support you in the digital realm, we are here! 

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