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We brought together some simple-to-use applications and websites that will help you manage your social media accounts and inspire you.

Facebook Business Inspiration

This page is created by Facebook for those who create visuals for Facebook ads or run ad campaigns. You can find many creative advertising ideas here. You can take a closer look at this page to derive some inspiration while creating your brand's story.

Facebook Ad Library


In Facebook Ad Library, you can view all the advertisements that were published through Business Manager. With the Ad Library, Facebook aims to offer transparency in advertisements. You can search for ads on this website by entering a keyword or the name of the advertiser. You can review the ads.



Canva is a design program that allows you to create stylish content in only minutes. Although it has some premium features that requires payment, the free ones will be very useful. Canva has a drag and drop style. That is why you can easily change the size, layout and more. You can add text, use shapes provided in Canva, or convert your image to video. Apart from all these, Canva also offers ready-to-use templates. You can also customize these templates to your taste. You can use Canva on your computer or phone.


MOJO allows you to create video stories. Most people use MOJO to create cool Instagram stories. You can only use this app on your phone. You can create video stories from scratch or make use of ready-made templates that are categorized in medium and platform.



Unfold is an application that allows creating story-sized content. You can make your content more interesting and more appealing with this application that allows you to create stylish visuals.

Screen Recorder


You can take a recording of your phone's screen with this application. In addition, there are many editing options offered by the application. You can cut and edit the screen recording, add stickers and music.



With Inshot, you can edit the size of the video you uploaded. You can create animated content and add music to your video or visual series.



Eraser is one of the most needed design applications. With this app, you can make image layers very transparent so that you can get rid of the background. In addition, with the restore and erase options, you can retrieve the desired region and delete the parts you want.

Giant Square


With this popular application, you can share series on Instagram. You can divide your design into many frames: Just choose the corresponding number of frames and upload the image. Then the application divides your design into equal parts in Instagram share size.

Web Sites for Free Image Downloads




Envatoelements (A site where you can pay for and download videos and photographs)

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