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If you do not have a large advertising budget, you should pay more attention to your SEO operations in order to rank higher in Google or other search engines. Domain selection is also one of the most important issues in terms of SEO before setting up your website. You can easily change your hosting company later, but changing your domain name later can have very troublesome consequences.

What Should We Consider While Choosing a Domain

Domain, also known as 'Domain Name', is a naming method that is used instead of IP addresses since they are not easy to remember. Simply put, domain name provides access to websites. Domain name consists of the name you have chosen for your website and the extensions like .com or .net.


Choosing a domain is a very important process for the reputation, brand awareness and SEO operations. For this reason, you shouldn't rush choosing a domain and pay attention to the details listed below:

Domain Age and History

It is an advantage for you to purchase a domain with a history and age; However, you should investigate the history carefully. Therefore, you need to check the domain before the purchase. If you buy a brand new, unused domain, you do not need to check, but if you are taking over the domain from someone or a company, or if you are purchasing a domain that has not been active for the last few years, you should definitely check the domain name. For this purpose, we recommend you two websites:

By typing the domain information in the link, you can immediately get the information about how old the domain is.

After learning its age, we can find out whether the domain is active or not by searching the domain name in Google. If you type site:domain in the search bar, you can not only see if it is indexed by google, but also what content it is indexed with. This way, you can see whether the content of the domain name you are going to buy or transfer is suitable for you or whether it is tainted (like +18 websites). also takes and saves screenshots of all websites on certain dates. You can view a few of these images and see whether the domain has spam or tainted content.

Domain Length

Avoid choosing a lengthy domain so that people can remember it. Moreover, a domain name should be easy to type in the search bar so that people can reach your web page easily, which is the preferable scenario for your SEO oeprations. To sum up, a memorable and short domain will increase the traffic and retention.

Domain Extension

Although the SEO effect of domain extension is still a controversial issue, it is a fact that .com is one of the most preferred extensions. When users want to visit your site again, they will remember the site name and complete the domain with the .com extension, which is the most popular extension. So if your domain name extension is not .com, you will be very likely to lose the user you won against your competitor.

In the meantime, if you bought the domain with .com extension, we recommend you to purchase the common extensions like .net, .biz and to prevent your competitors from marketing over you.

Keyword Inclusion

Having keywords related to the work you do in the domain allows you to be one step ahead of your competitors. Using the keyword at the beginning of your domain name provides an advantage for SEO. For example, let's say that you have a marketplace and need a domain name. Going for a domain name like instead of would have a more positive effect for SEO.

In short, although domain alone does not significantly affect your SEO ranking, it has an important place in SEO operations and has a great impact on the brand awareness.

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