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What is Facebook Business Manager?

It is the most used platform by professionals who want to advertise on social media. Many feautures of the Business Manager have been developed for those who want to advertise extensively. To have a Business Manager account, you must have a business page. You can publish ads on this platform, analyze your ads and manage your page. You can also add external partners (agency, etc.) to your account and manage ads from a single channel.

Advertisements can also be posted on Instagram via the Facebook Business platform. The biggest advantage of advertising with Business Manager is that you get more detailed targeting options and advertising reports. With this panel, you can view all the details of the traffic between your website and the media you advertise. While determining your target audience, you can include details such as region, age, gender and interests, as well as exclude people who have previously liked or interacted with your page from your target audience. In addition, with the "pixel" setup, you can reach more potential customers by creating audiences similar to your audience that reached your website from the ads.

There are 3-stage advertising objectives on Facebook Business: Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. Awareness Ads are for brand awareness and better reach. Consideration Ads are for traffic, interaction, app installs, video views, finding potential customers and getting more messages. Conversion Ads are categorized as conversions, catalog sales, store traffic. You can start advertising quickly by adjusting your daily or total budget, choosing your objective, creating an ad image and choosing the target audience. There is also a help center for those who do not know how to use this platform. You can get the support you need through help centerbut remember that advertising is a field where success is achieved through a certain level of experience. It is necessary to analyze accurate and statistical data in order to determine the objective, budget and target audience. It is best for businesses to get support from the agencies that offer ads services because Facebook demands a certain fee from you every time an advertisement appears, and spending your budget in the most efficient way allows you to implement more successful advertising campaigns in a short time. If you need support in social media advertisement or Facebok ads, feel free to get in touch!

How to Create Facebook Business Manager Account?

Creating an account in Facebook Business Manager is easy. After clicking the link, the screen in the image below will appear. Click on the "create account" button on the upper right corner.

Fill in the information requested from you.

At this stage, you need to enter your company's name and your business e-mail address. In the final step, you will see the screen below. After entering the requested information, your account will be created.


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