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What is Instagram Reels?

While restrictions on the use of TikTok are being discussed in the United States, the Reels feature has been developed by Instagram. This feature offers a TikTok-like experience where users can shoot and edit videos. Loved and heavily used by the social media users, Instagram offers a bundle of engaging features.

With Reels, you can shoot 15-second videos and share your videos with your followers in the area reserved for Reels. The difference between Reels and regular videos is that Reels allows the user to produce more creative videos using various effects, music and editing options. You can add music from your library while shooting videos, or use your own music if you wish. In addition to the available effects, you can also view the effects used by other content creators and use these effects on your videos.


In order to use the Reels feature, you can select "Reels" from the "live, story, reels" options in Instagram camera, press the start button and record your video. If your account is private on Reels, only your followers can see your videos. All Reels videos are seen in feed just like IGTV videos.

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